Reconstructive Surgery Procedures


Burns can be devastating and plastic surgeons are often part of the team of health-care providers who help patients recover from such injuries. Plastic surgeons often work with other physicians, nurses, dietitians, and occupational or physiotherapists to give patients the best possible care.


Microsurgery uses a microscope and fine instruments to perform very precise, intricate surgery. The advent of microsurgery has enhanced the reconstructive options available to surgeons to treat patients with injuries from trauma, cancer defects, breast cancer reconstruction, or congenital problems.


Pediatric reconstructive surgery is a type of specialized surgery used to fix a condition or injury in children caused by a birth defect, developmental abnormalities, injury, illness, tumor, or accident. The surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group have extensive training and experience both in Canada and internationally with reconstructive plastic surgery for children and the surgeons are qualified to perform a complete range of treatments.