Asymmetry Breast Correction

Vancouver Breast Asymmetry Correction

Most women are born with subtle differences between their breasts but, in some cases, this difference can be extreme and is often a result of a congenital underdeveloped breast on one side.

Good Candidates: 

If you feel lopsided or have trouble fitting into your clothes due to a size mismatch of your breasts, then you may be a candidate for asymmetry breast correction procedures.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery

The surgery may involve adding breast volume to the smaller breast either with an implant or your own tissue and/or reducing breast volume on the larger breast. The experienced surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group will discuss each of your options for breast correction surgery and answer any question you may have. Often both breasts need surgery for adequate balancing and better final aesthetics. For example, if the smaller breast is being augmented in size, often the larger breast will be naturally droopier and may require a lift. If the breast volume is similar but you have differences in the nipple areolar complexes, it may be corrected with minor surgery. The goal of the surgery will be to try to make the breasts as similar as possible in terms of breast size and shape. Your breasts will never be exactly the same, but the surgery will make them more similar. The best choice for you depends on the anatomy of both your breasts and your desired final breast size. It will all be discussed with you prior to surgery.

Despite the common need for surgery on both breasts for overall better balancing and aesthetics, a Medical Services Plan (MSP) often covers surgery on only one breast. Specifically, they will usually only cover either an augmentation to make the small breast bigger or a reduction to make the larger breast smaller. For that reason, some women decide to pay privately for surgery on the other breast if needed.

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