Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a group of symptoms in the hand characterized by early-on numbness and tingling in the thumb, index, middle, and half of the ring finger (the half on the thumb side). In more advanced situations, movement of the thumb can be affected. Usually the problems are more...

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Dupuytren's Contracture

Dupuytren's disease is a condition where the connective tissue that holds your skin onto your hands thickens and progressively tightens. As it tightens, it causes the joints on your hand to bend more and more, making certain tasks more difficult. While only one or two fingers are usually...

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Ganglion Cyst Removal (Wrist, Hand, Finger)

A ganglion cyst is a lump or swelling on the joint or tendon in the hand. The swelling is caused by a cyst filled with a thick, clear jelly-like material. The cyst can range from pea-size to as large as golf ball in some cases and may be associated with pain or weakness. Ganglion cysts are most...

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Hand Trauma

Hand trauma is simply any accident suffered by the hand. It affects people of all ages. While most people will recover completely from more minor accidents, severe trauma will lead to a permanent reduction in hand function.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) of the Hand

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and destruction of the ligaments and tendon that hold the joints together. In the hand, RA can damage cartilage and bone, resulting in pain, swelling, and deformity in the wrist and fingers.

Patients may...

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Thumb-Base Arthritis

This is a relatively common form of osteoarthritis (basic joint wear and tear) affecting the joint that joins the thumb to the wrist bones. It is referred to as "first carpometacarpal (CMC) osteoarthritis."

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Trigger Fingers

Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis) is a condition which involves the locking or clicking of a nodule on your tendon when you try to bend your finger or thumb. One of the first symptoms of trigger finger is a tender spot on the palm of the hand. It often feels like the source of the pain is...

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A Message from PSG

As COVID-19 spreads across the country, our patients’ and our staffs’ health and welfare are our primary concern. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus we are implementing changes to reduce person to person contact. We may only be able to see urgent consults and follow ups. This applies to our offices as well as our clinics at the hospital. If appropriate, our staff may contact you to arrange a telephone appointment. As our senior population are at greatest risk, we will endeavour to reduce their exposure by deferring in person appointments unless absolutely necessary. Regrettably, there is a high likelihood your upcoming procedure or surgery may be deferred. If so, we will make every effort to rebook you as soon as the COVID-19 crisis resolves. We are closely following the guidance of the Ministry of Health and the Fraser Health Authority. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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