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Botox Treatment in Surrey

BOTOX in Surrey, B.C.

Botox is one of the most trusted names in injectable treatment, thanks to its longstanding reputation for minimizing unwanted lines and wrinkles on the face. When it comes to tackling forehead, crowsfeet and frown lines, patients in British Columbia know to trust the skilled doctors and nurse injection specialist at the Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre for this non-invasive treatment.

Botox is an injectable treatment that uses botulinum toxin type A to immobilize facial muscles. Because the facial muscles used to make common facial expressions can create , creases  thinning and aging skin (known as “dynamic wrinkles”), the best way to minimize these lines is to block the nerve’s chemical signals that tell the muscles to contract. This gives the lines an opportunity to fade from visibility.


Whereas dermal fillers are designed to add volume to areas with lost fat and thinning skin, Botox addresses dynamic lines, including:

  • Brow lines (straight lines across the forehead)
  • Frown lines (vertical lines found between the eyebrows)
  • Crow’s feet (small wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes)
  • Bunny lines (wrinkles on the bridge of the nose)

Botox also accomplishes other goals such as:

  • Elevating and shaping eyebrows to provide a more youthful position and curvature
  • Lowering an over-active upper lip to prevent a gummy smile
  • Everting the upper lip to create slight volume
  • Facial slimming related to an overactive masseter muscle
  • Preventing the mouth corners from turning and pulling down
  • Relaxing prominent platysmal bands to give the neck smoother contours
  • Providing definition to the jawline
  • Minimizing discomfort related to chronic migraines and TMJ
  • Blocking excess perspiration in the arm pits and hands of patients with hyperhidrosis


Each patient is assessed for their unique injection pattern. Just prior to the treatment, ice or a vibrating device is used to reduce any momentary discomfort from the injection.  . A Botox injection is straightforward and completed in under a few minutes. Our professional injection team understands the precise injection point and amount of Botox necessary to fulfill the patient’s cosmetic goals.


Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after their treatment. Our experts do recommend that patients avoid sun exposure, alcohol, and strenuous exercise for at least a day to help minimize swelling.

Botox in Surrey


Botox does not produce immediate results because the existing lines need a chance to fade after the facial muscles are immobilized. The deeper the lines are prior to treatment, the longer they will need to disappear. It can take a few days to a couple weeks for patients to see the benefits. Therefore, if a patient is choosing Botox to rejuvenate his or her face before a social event, we recommend scheduling an appointment at least a couple weeks ahead of this event.

On average, Botox keeps muscles frozen for three to four months. At that point, muscle movements will resume, and lines will begin to form on the skin again — unless the patient returns for another injection.


The price of Botox depends on how many treatment areas the patient requests, as well as how much Botox is necessary to freeze the specific muscles. Our practice offers competitive pricing for injectable treatments.


To confirm whether you are a good candidate for this treatment and discover for yourself the skin-smoothing power of Botox injections, please make an appointment with our team of expert injectors. Call 604-836-7414.

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