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Botox surrey Having a smooth forehead is something you probably took for granted in your younger years. However, as you get older, you may now see horizontal lines across your forehead and frown lines (vertical lines between the brows) that have gradually become deeper and more permanent. This is an evitable part of aging as collagen production declines and skin becomes looser.

The most effective treatment for an aging forehead is Botox injections. The expert plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre discuss this procedure to make sure it is right for you.


Botox is a botulinum type A injectable treatment that famously reduces facial lines. The toxin safely freezes specific muscles for a few months so that they do not move like they ordinarily would when you make facial expressions. Immobilizing these muscles stops lines from developing on your thinner forehead skin while providing an opportunity for existing lines to fade away. Botox is also effective at elevating the eyebrows so that they look more like they did at a younger age.

Benefits of Botox

Botox is the preferable procedure for an attractive, non-surgical transformation.

Botox has no downtime, which means you can return to work immediately. It takes three to five days to take effect with full results visible at two weeks. Botox’s shorter recovery is reflective of its shorter duration: you can expect to see injectable results last three to four months, meaning that maintenance requires periodic appointments.

During a consultation, a plastic surgeon can review relevant factors including cost, the severity of your aging, and the aesthetic goals you have in mind. This should help make your final decision clearer.

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Our renowned plastic surgery team in Surrey, BC is here to help rejuvenate your forehead so that you look as young as you feel on the inside. To discuss Botox with our injectable nurse, please call 604-589-6021 or 604-836-7414.

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