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Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second deadliest among Canadian women. Despite its prevalence, many women are unaware of crucial information such as the risk factors and treatment options. Research also shows that many women are unaware of the reconstruction options available to them. With Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA Day), an initiative to promote awareness on treatment options and research for breast reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy, having just passed, The Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre would like to share more information on this important day.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

Women who are eligible for breast reconstruction following breast cancer have a wide range of treatment options to choose from, including breast implants and flap procedures. However, research shows that fewer than a quarter (23 percent) of women who are eligible for breast reconstruction are aware of these options. What’s more, only 19 percent of women understand that the timing of their treatment for breast cancer along with the timing of their breast reconstruction greatly impacts their options and results. While breast reconstruction following cancer is not for every woman, all women should be informed of and have access to the options available to them.

BRA Day, which launched in 2011 in Canada, is a global movement and collaboration between the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Plastic Surgery Foundation, plastic surgeons specializing in breast surgery, nurses, corporate partners, breast cancer support groups, and organizations. These groups, along with breast cancer patients and loved ones, organize events all over the country, including media events, fundraising parties, lectures, question and answer sessions, and community events to educate women on breast reconstruction options. The hope is that all women facing breast cancer are offered information and access to their reconstruction options in a safe and timely manner.

More information on BRA Day is provided by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

If you or someone you love is facing a breast cancer diagnosis and would like to explore breast reconstruction options, contact The Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre. Our board-certified plastic and reconstruction surgeons have helped thousands of women restore a natural-looking breast shape and confidence, through breast reconstruction. Contact us by calling our Surrey office or filling out our online contact form.

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