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Eyelid Surgery Surrey Do you ever wake up from a good night’s sleep and still look exhausted? As you get older, your face may appear as if it is tired even though you feel alert on the inside. It is no fun having your friends and coworkers perceive you as older and lethargic when you still feel vibrant. Fortunately, eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a popular cosmetic solution for removing signs of aging and tiredness from around your eyes for a subtle but effective transformation. Below, the facial plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre explain how this procedure can reinvigorate your appearance.

How Your Eyes Can Make You Seem Exhausted

The area below your eyes is where people perceive tiredness the most. Puffy lower lids, dark circles, and bags are common cosmetic concerns that make it seem like you were awake all night. While these traits can be caused by a lack of sleep, they are just as often the result of other factors like genetics, aging, and sun damage.

Your upper eyelids can also make you appear less alert. Over time, your eyelid muscles get weaker and loose skin and fat can push your eyelid downward so that it covers more of your eye. The overall effect is that you look sleepy since your eyes are not as wide open as they used to be.

Surgical Solutions to Revive Your Eyes

For your under-eyes, the most effective solution is lower eyelid surgery. This procedure tightens loose skin and can remove or reposition excess fat for smooth contours without puffiness or hollows. It also helps to minimize dark circles that have formed due to aging.

Upper eyelid surgery addresses sagging upper lids. By tightening and strengthening the muscles, the eyelids can open more completely. This is improved further by removing the loose skin and fat on the lid.

Upper and lower blepharoplasty are technically two separate surgeries, but they are often paired together to maximize the effects. When performed by a great plastic surgeon, the results should look natural, with friends often assuming that you have had more sleep than usual.

Visit Our Office in Surrey, BC to Look More Youthful and Alert

Dark circles, puffy eyes, and drooping upper eyelids may be more common with age, but you should not have to look tired all the time. To learn more about eyelid surgery and the specific techniques our surgeons can utilize to “wake up” your eyes, please request a consultation online or call 604-589-6021.

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