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Breast Balancing in Surrey

Some women have breasts that look like identical twins, while others have breasts that barely pass for sisters. Women that fall in the latter group may decide to correct their breast asymmetry with plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures can make the breast profile more attractive while also making bra shopping much easier.

At the Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre, our team of premier plastic surgeons specialize in a treatment we call “breast balancing.” This is a customized plan that addresses one or more aspects that make a woman’s breasts appear uneven or unmatching. Some of our methods for improving breast symmetry include:

Breast Augmentation

If one breast is larger than the other, the easiest way to correct this problem is usually with a breast implant. A single implant can be placed in the smaller breast, or a woman may decide to augment both breasts simultaneously depending on her personal cosmetic goals and the size of the implants she would prefer.

Breast Reduction

For women whose breasts are already disproportionately large, the better option to improve symmetry is breast reduction. Again, it is the patient’s choice (under a plastic surgeon’s advisement) whether to remove tissue from one or both breasts. The good news is that the surgeon also incorporates elements of breast lift to ensure the breasts have even elevation.

Breast Lift

To that point, some women have breasts that have sagged at different rates. If one breast hangs lower than the other, this can affect their overall attractiveness. Breast lift removes loose skin from around the breasts so that they sit at a higher, more youthful position. The plastic surgeon can also correct the projection of the nipples so that they point outward.

Nipple & Areola Correction

Speaking of nipples, sometimes the inconsistency between breasts has less to do with the size and shape and more to do with the appearance of the nipples and areolas (the dark pigmentation around the nipples). Our surgeons offer a variety of small procedures that can make the nipples shorter (or similar lengths) and the areolas match.

Learn More About Your Options

With so many cosmetic and reconstructive breast specialists on our staff, our surgeons can devise a surgical plan no matter what specific concerns you may have about your own breasts. To find out the best way to balance your asymmetrical breasts, schedule a consultation at our office in Surrey, BC by calling 604-589-6021


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