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At The Plastic Surgery Group, nothing matters more to us than the safety and satisfaction of our patients. We understand that making the decision to undergo a facelift is something that requires careful thought and consideration. Although you are probably looking forward to turning back the clock on facial aging, you may have some concerns or even fears about surgery. This blog post is dedicated to putting those fears to rest so you can have a safe and satisfying facelift experience.

Artificial-Looking Results

Our plastic surgeons have devoted their careers to acquire the skills necessary to produce natural and beautiful results. We are committed to helping you look like a younger and more refreshed version of yourself (not a different person altogether). During the consultative phase, we will work with you to identify your desired results and plan surgery to help you achieve your goals in a way that looks natural.

Pain During or After Surgery

Pain is an incredibly common fear and something that our plastic surgeons take very seriously. Anesthesia is administered during the procedure so you will not feel or remember anything from surgery. After the procedure, we will prescribe medication to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your recovery. You may experience some soreness, tingling, or numbness throughout your recovery and we will do our best to explain what you can expect to help ease any concerns.

Noticeable Scarring

Our plastic surgeons have spent years mastering their craft, so they have techniques that allow them to produce great results with minimal scarring. We plan incisions carefully and use other surgical strategies to ensure scarring is hidden from view or blends into the natural transitions of the skin.

Lengthy Recovery Period

Everyone’s body responds uniquely to surgery. Your body’s response to surgery as well as the extent of your procedure will influence how long you take to recover. But you probably will not be out of commission as long as you think you will. Following our aftercare instructions can help speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of complications that could prolong your recovery. Our surgeons will follow up with you throughout your recovery and provide a more specific timeline to follow.

In general, most patients take about two weeks off from work after a facelift. At the two-week mark, most of the swelling and bruising has dissipated and patients usually feel more like themselves.

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If you have additional concerns or questions that were not answered in this post, we invite you to call or email our practice today.

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