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Doctor talking with patient

Preparing for breast augmentation is an exciting — and busy — time. As you approach surgery, you will need to make some big decisions that influence your ultimate result. Our goal at The Plastic Surgery Group is to educate you about your choices and guide you to make decisions that align with your treatment objectives.

Here, our team reveals some of the most important decisions you will need to make about your breast augmentation.

Implant Type

Implants are filled with saline or silicone material. Both types have their pros and cons. For instance, silicone implants are said to provide the most natural look and feel; on the other hand, saline implants provide peace of mind in the event of a leak or rupture, as the body simply absorbs the sterile saltwater solution.

Implant Size

Implants come in many different sizes. The size you select depends on your natural body type, the amount of native breast tissue, and the look you hope to achieve. Finding the right size often involves trying on “sizers” to give you a preview of what you would look like with different implants.

Implant Location

Implants can be placed under the muscle or above it. Placing implants under the muscle provides greater coverage, particularly if there is little natural tissue. But placing implants above the muscle may be indicated in certain cases where there are concerns about implant distortion when flexing the chest muscles.

Incision Location

Implants can be placed through incisions below the nipple, along the crease of the breast, or under the armpit. Some incision locations offer easier placement whereas others offer less-visible scarring.

To Lift or Not to Lift?

Some patients choose to combine the placement of breast implants with a breast lift to improve both the size and position of the breasts. If your natural breasts sit low on your chest wall and/or your nipples point downward, you may benefit from a combination breast augmentation-breast lift procedure. Our team can discuss this option with you during your physical evaluation and consultation.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately you have a lot of choices to make about your breast augmentation. Talking with our team and doing your own research at home can help illuminate the wisest course of action. Looking through photographs of breast augmentation patients with physical attributes similar to yours can also provide some clarity as you weigh your options.

If you have any questions about breast augmentation or breast implants, we invite you to contact The Plastic Surgery Group today.

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