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Weight Loss

Losing a substantial amount of weight through either diet and exercise or bariatric surgery is a wonderful achievement that often comes with unwanted side effects. Many weight loss patients are left with unattractive folds of skin that hang on various body parts, including the arms, abdomen, lower back, thighs, neck, and lower face. Not only does excess skin conceal a person’s smaller body shape after weight loss, but it also causes painful chafing, irritation, rashes, and limited mobility.

If you find yourself unhappy with your post-weight loss body, the experienced plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre can help. We offer a full range of body contouring procedures designed to tighten loose skin and tissues and accentuate your body’s new and improved shape.

Here, our team explains when it’s the right time to undergo body contouring.

Your Weight Has Stabilized After Weight Loss

One of the most important requirements you must meet before undergoing body-contouring is reaching and maintaining a stable weight. Weight fluctuations can compromise the beauty of your body contouring results, as well as increase the risk of a complication during and after surgery. Generally, patients should wait to have body contouring until they have maintained their goal weight for at least six months.

You Are In Good General Health

Prior to recommending plastic surgery, our team will evaluate your entire medical history. Be advised that certain health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, may disqualify you from surgery. Lifestyle factors like smoking can increase the risk of a complication and impair your healing.

You Have Enough Time to Recover

All surgical body contouring procedures involve a recovery period. Before committing to surgery, make sure you can take enough time (usually between one and two weeks depending on your plastic surgeon’s recommendations) off work and your normal routine. Vigorous exercise and other activities that elevate the heart rate will also be off-limits during your initial recovery period. It’s best to wait until you have plenty of time to recover afterward — stress- and worry-free — before scheduling your surgery.

The plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Group at City Centre have helped countless men and women enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of their weight loss efforts with body contouring. If you would like to learn more about the body contouring options we offer, please schedule a personal consultation by contacting our Surrey office today.

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