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If you wish to recapture a toned, youthful physique after having children, a mommy makeover is designed for you. By combining procedures such as breast lift (with or without implants) and tummy tuck, the team at The Plastic Surgery Group can address the areas of your body that changed with pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing.

Before you can enjoy your results, you must allocate time to recover from surgery. At our practice, we are here to be a support and resource as you recuperate. Read on as our knowledgeable plastic surgeons share tips to make mommy makeover more comfortable.

Arrange for Help

You may be used to being Supermom at home, but accept that you will need some help as you recover from your mommy makeover. First and foremost, arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to and from surgery and stay with you overnight as you get settled. You will need help getting up to use the restroom, grabbing snacks and water, and staying on top of taking your medications.

We also recommend you make arrangements for someone to help with childcare, caring for your pets, and doing household chores for about a week or two after surgery. You should focus on resting and relaxing without worrying about who will prepare your children’s meals or take your dog for a walk.

Have Basic Supplies and Comforts Available

Setting up a recovery area prior to surgery with basic supplies and comforts helps you avoid searching for those items when you really need them. Prior to surgery, create a cozy space with plenty of blankets and pillows; many of our patients choose to spend time in bed or in a comfortable recliner. Stock your recovery area with essential items such as pain relievers, your phone charger, antibiotic ointment for your incisions, snacks, water bottles, and personal entertainment options like a Kindle or iPad. We also recommend having plenty of clean linens and loose-fitting, comfortable clothing on hand during your recovery so you don’t have to do laundry.

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Eating nutritious meals and drinking lots of water fuels your healing body and helps you avoid retaining fluids. Avoid foods that are high in sodium and minimize alcohol consumption (never mix alcohol and pain relievers). Also, refrain from smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke during your recovery. This prevents complications that can extend your recovery.

Be Patient as You Await Your Final Results

Mommy makeover recovery requires some special planning and lots of patience, but the results are ultimately worth it. You will be able to enjoy your improved physique for many years to come!

If you have any questions about recovering from a mommy makeover, don’t hesitate to contact our team by phone or email.

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